Samsung Demonstrated Prototypes Using YOUM Display

Samsung YOUM DisplayLatest display technologies have been cooking at Samsung’s labs for awhile now. At CES 2013, Samsung’s officials talked up latest display technologies, specifically the YOUM. The improved form of mobile display would deliver better contrast and color, while achieving super-thin form factor. A device prototype using the display is shown and it allows users to see content from the sides.

Unlike conventional display technology that has rigid shape, YOUM can bend around the sides of the device. Theoretically, it’s even possible to have a screen that wraps the entire device surface using only a single panel. Large 10” tablets using YOUM panel can fold like a wallet or be rolled out to something as small as handheld voice recorder.

By making the panel foldable, rollable and bendable, devices using the technology are more resilient to drops and bumps. Microsoft also came on stage to show a Windows Phone device prototype using the innovative display technology.