Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 and Galaxy S4 Mini May Soon Receive Android 4.4 KitKat

Samsung Galaxy S4 MiniSamsung has been working to see whether it’s feasible to update its low- and mid-range devices with the new Android 4.4 build. The Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 and Galaxy S4 Mini are two mid-tier phones that may soon receive the new software update. Other devices may include the Fame, Core, S Advance, Ace 2, S3 Mini and Fresh, which is unfortunately not available in the United Kingdom.

Other reports also revealed that Galaxy Note 2, Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy S3 and Galaxy S4 are also being prepared to receive the KitKat update. However, the first two will take lower priority and Samsung’s flagships in 2012 won’t due to rock the KitKat until April 2014. A representative from the company said that Samsung UK will announce the schedule for the software roll out in due course.

The Android 4.4 is an optimized software platform that could work on low-resources devices, including those with only 512MB of RAM. So, virtually all available Android smartphone models in the market should qualify. The aging Galaxy Ace 2 has 768MB of RAM; while the Galaxy Ace 3 and Galaxy S3 Mini are equipped with 1GB of RAM.

Unfortunately, with sheer tonnage of additional apps that come with the TouchWiz UI, Samsung may find it challenging to update low-powered devices.