Samsung Galaxy S4 Will Be Introduced Early Next Year

Samsung Galaxy S4Reports are emerging from South Korea that Samsung is preparing its next flagship, the Galaxy S4 and it would be unveiled in MWC 2013 in February. According to an unnamed Samsung employee, the Galaxy S4 is being developed and it should be ready for an introduction early next year. The rumor emerges nicely just after the official announcement of the iPhone 5 and Samsung may decide that it’s their turn to slowly build up anticipation and excitement among consumers and experts.

The device may have a 4.8” display or a 5” display and it’s likely to feature Jelly Bean unless Google manages to release Key Lime Pie a few months before MWC 2013.  It is also reported that the Galaxy S4 will use the same rounded corner shape, along with an improved version of Exynos quad-core processor. Like always, it wouldn’t take long for Android device manufacturers to beat latest iPhone model in terms of features. The new phone could further heat up the battle between both companies and Samsung may introduce designs that can minimize lawsuits.

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  1. Fillmore C. Sagario September 28, 2012