Samsung M400 Review

Samsung M400Samsung M400 is low-end clamshell handset with 2.4” display and low resolution 1.3Mp rear-facing camera. The phone won’t win any beauty contest with its bulky design at a thickness of 18mm. The Qualcomm QSC6155 single-core processor is also not the fastest we can find in the market. It comes with an external display that notifies users about incoming text message and calls. The relatively large keyboard allows for quick typing and the 5-way navigation key should make navigating the interface a snap. It has a dedicated emergency button that can store up to three numbers, to let users quickly dial family members and first responders.

The built-in text-to-speech app is powered by Nuance VSuite 4.0 technology, which can clearly read missed calls, caller ID, dialed number, menus and any kind of text. The Sprint Family Locator helps trusted caregivers and family members to locate phone’s owner without causing any interference. Samsung M400 is also certified to contain only green materials with reduced environmental impacts.