Samsung to Manufacture 1080p Display in Early 2017

Samsung Manufacture 1080p DisplayHigh display resolution gives is bright and sharp graphics. It doesn’t seem to matter that people can no longer a distinguish pixel density value higher than 340 ppi, but phone makers want to impress us with numbers.

Samsung will begin the production of the next generation Super-AMOLED HD display in early 2013. This should give enough time for the company to equip its flagship, the Galaxy S4, with the display. The Galaxy S4 is expected to arrive in mid-2013, but by then there will be quite a few 1080p beasts already available in the market. The HTC J Butterfly and its variants boasts 5” 1080p display, which should offer the best user experience in the smartphone industry.

However, unlike other 1080p display in the market, Samsung’s Super-AMOLED technology is a huge differentiator, with its wider viewing angles, truer colors and deeper blacks. It is unknown whether Samsung’s 1080p display will use the controversial PenTile matrix panel, which may make texts and graphics a bit blurry.