Samsung Will Introduce Magnetic Resonance Charging Feature on its 2014 Smartphones

2014 SmartphonesToday, wireless is a word we know and love. With smartphones we are able to do so many things with wireless technology, including making voice calls, sending text messages, transferring files and others. Recently, there are reports that Samsung will soon make the wireless charging a standard technology for smartphones released next year.

While batteries are getting larger, they are barely enough for listening to music, watching HD videos, browsing the web, playing games and talking with people all day. Smartphone batteries are never large enough and we may need constant charging.

With wireless charging, users don’t need to stay near the wall outlet and they may no longer need to carry a spare battery when traveling. Based on the magnetic resonance technology, Samsung’s solution isn’t like the conventional wireless charging technology that requires users to place the phone near or on top of a charging pad.

In theory, Samsung fans in the United Kingdom will be able to charge their phones while watching video or on a phone call as long as they are still within the transmitter range. In theory, we can place the transmitter in the living room, working areas, meeting room, coffee shop, restaurant and other places.