Samsung Will Work With Mozilla to Combine Tizen with Firefox OS

Tizen OSSamsung may not be planning to split from Android anytime soon. The South Korean company is too important for Google’s success in the mobile industry and Android is an excellent platform for Samsung’s devices. Nevertheless, any good company should have a backup plan and the company is still working with the Tizen OS like a side project.

Both Tizen and Firefox OS are based on HTML5 technology, so apps developed for one platform could work on another. While Firefox OS is aimed for use on budget smartphones, Tizen could work on high-end smartphones as well. We hear rumors recently that Samsung would work with Mozilla to eventually compete against Android and iOS. However, Mozilla plans to keep the Firefox name and the platform Samsung would work with is called the Boot2Gecko. So the actual combination would be called “Tizen – Boot2Gecko” instead.

This should sound like a promising possibility for Samsung. The company already has a highly recognizable brand in the mobile industry and it can simply bring us quite a few Tizen smartphones based on existing Galaxy models. Both Firefox and Tizen operating systems have been struggling to gain much stronger foothold in the crowded smartphone market, so the new partnership could bring a really meaningful change.