Samsung Z Gold Version May Arrive Soon

The Samsung Z has been released in a number of color options and apparently, a gold-colored version may arrive soon. A picture of the device has been published by online sources and the unit looks quite nice. The Samsung Z offers a good user experience, but it doesn’t run the immensely popular Android operating system. There are not enough apps available in Tizen environment and it won’t be easy to attract developers.

For quite some time, Samsung is designated as the largest phone maker and this should help it to encourage more than a few developers to port their apps to the Tizen platform. However, we don’t know whether it would be sustainable. Latin America, some parts of Asia and Russia are currently considered as the initial markets for Tizen. If Samsung finds the platform viable from this experiment, we should see the Samsung Z introduced to other countries.

Earlier this year, Samsung introduced the Samsung Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo that also runs Tizen. The original Galaxy Gear came with Android operating system. Later, an edition of the original Galaxy Gear was released and it also runs Tizen, instead of Android OS. Last month, Samsung also unveiled a smart TV prototype that runs Tizen.