Sharp Says There is Big Demand for IGZO Panels

Sharp IGZO PanelsThe Japanese electronic giant, Sharp, is saying that device manufacturers are lining up for the company’s latest panel technology.  Sharp has been struggling to create enough interest in the industry for the new IGZO panel.  The company is currently the biggest LCD (liquid crystal display) panel manufacturer in Japan and it starts to secure interest from other developers.

The new panel is manufactured from indium gallium zinc oxide.  Two main benefits of IGZO panel are considerably lower power consumption and sharper graphical representation than what we currently see on traditional LCD panel.

Users of smartphones and tablets would appreciate the ability to conserve power on the go.  IGZO panels draw power only when pressed and typically remains dormant for a large part of its operational time.

Things has been a bit rough for the company and Sharp recorded a huge loss of $5.5 billion in the last fiscal year, ending at March 31. Recent report told us that Intel and Qualcomm may be planning to invest in the floundering company to keep it afloat.