Sony i1 Honami May Have 4K Video Recording Capability

Sony i1 HonamiSources have leaked pictures of the Sony i1 Honami and based on a leaked system dump, the device may not be an ordinary cameraphone. The build.prop file shows that the 20Mp camera sensor is capable of recording 4K (4000 x 2000) videos along with the Augmented Reality features. The Honami will deliver a new launcher, app drawer and user interface to the table.

The Time shift Burst feature allows users to choose best frames after shooting a series burst. Users can even take advantage of the unlimited music streaming through the new Walkman app. We also heard speculations that Sony will introduce the Honami on July 4th during a special Sony event. 4K is a new multimedia trend, allowing compatible TV sets and displays to show content in their full glory.

To ensure smooth photography tasks, Sony will include the Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 quad core processor inside the phone. There are also rumors that the phone will be bigger than Xperia Z, but perhaps not quite as large as the gargantuan Xperia ZU.

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