Sony Will Release S39h in China

Sony S39hA new phone model internally called as the Sony Xperia S39h has been unveiled by unofficial sources. While little is known about the hardware specs, the display size used could be somewhere between the Xperia L (4.3-inch) and Xperia L (5-inch). With the phone, Sony seems to take a step backward by going for larger bezels.

The phone is allegedly coming only to China and this can be easily deduced from its name. Sony is now using the new CXXXX naming scheme, while those intended for consumers in China are still using the previous S/M/L naming.

Considering its retro-look, the phone may not make a commercial appearance in the United States. Without detailed specs, it is not possible to say much about the phone’s capability in terms of processing power and connectivity options. However, there’s a microSD card slot, allowing users to expand whatever internal storage amount Sony will be using for the device.