Telstra: Motorola X Phone Will Be a Game Changer

Motorola X PhoneWe have heard a string of rumors related to the Motorola X Phone, but none of them are satisfyingly detailed. But recently, a major carrier in Australia, Telstra, said that the phone will be a game-changer.  As a breakthrough device, the X Phone is claimed to put unexpected pressure on major phone makers, like Apple and Samsung.

The CTO for Telstra said that the handset will offer capabilities and software features currently unavailable on an Apple iPhone or Samsung Galaxy models. Its powerful software will pull popular Google services together in a way that hasn’t ever done before.

However, this claim isn’t without problem. Telstra occasionally fed the hype in the industry and it’s not a completely reliable source. Also, both Motorola and Telstra seem to use the typical fancy, marketing-speak, so we don’t really know whether the X Phone is really a breakthrough product.

On the other hand, the Motorola X Phone has those Nexus-like characteristics and we won’t be too surprised if it will be the first Key Lime Pie (Android 5.0) smartphone.

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