The First BB10 Smartphone May Arrive n March 2013

BlackBerry 10RIM (Research in Motion) will officially release its next mobile platform, the BlackBerry 10 in January 30. The new OS version and forthcoming BB10 devices are already hotly discussed on mainstream media and blogosphere. Some people still hope that the company would experience a turnaround of some sort and reassert its position in the mobile market. Despite its largely diminished market share, many loyal customers still stick around with it and are hoping for the best.

So far, we haven’t seen a comparable alternative to RIM’s mobile enterprise solutions and many customers are still using outdated-looking devices because they are enterprise-friendly. Many BlackBerry users have switched to iOS and Android devices, but they would likely return if BB10 handsets can deliver something comparable in terms of features and pricing. The company confirmed recently and it will release both the QWERTY and touch-only versions. RIM would release the touchscreen model 4 to 6 weeks after the OS launch, which gives us a rough estimation on release date in March. RIM also said that the QWERTY version would follow shortly after.