The Market May Experience a Shortage of 5” 1080p Panels in 2013

Samsung Galaxy NexusThis would be worrying news for any high resolution display lover. It has been rumored that one key manufacturer of 1080p displays, Sharp, is having troubles keeping up with demands. This could directly affect the availability of high-resolution superphones. It should be noted that this isn’t an official report and there’s a possibility that it isn’t true.

The Sharp Aquos Phones racked up impressive sales records in Taiwan, which is one good reason for Sharp to prioritize on its smartphone production first. As other phone makers are seeking for large quantity of 5” 1080p panels, Sharp may eventually experience supply shortage.

The company is currently in the forefront of mobile display development and it has also made some breakthrough with IGZO panels. It is likely that the company will be introducing devices with such panel this year.

The pixel density war in the mobile industry began when Apple introduced the Retina Display technology on the iPhone 4 at 330ppi. Soon, Android handsets the likes of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and HTC Rezound appeared with HD display. HTC Droid DNA/Butterfly now leads the market with 441ppi display.