The Next iPhone May Include a Fingerprint Scanner

Fingerprint ScannerApple is spotted in the final stage of acquiring a firm specialized in fingerprint-based security, meaning future iOS devices may have another layer of integrated security. It is expected that the next iPhone will be unveiled on Wednesday this week and it already has a built-in fingerprint scanner. Considering the fact that this is Apple’s biggest acquisition since 1997, it shows how serious the iPhone maker is about this security solution. The fingerprint scanner is quite likely integrated within the display and can be used to unlock the phone or access certain apps.

The next iPhone is likely to include PassBook, an interesting new feature that allows is to store loyalty cards, shop coupons, airport boarding passes and many other. Meaning, a quick swipe will get you a discount or a seat in the airplane. This service can be expanded if the next iPhone comes equipped with NFC, allowing wireless authorization and payments.

iPhone 5 Concept

Video by Sam Beckett Source YouTube