Toshiba’s New 8Mp Camera Allows for Thinner Smartphones Without Sacrificing Quality

Some phone manufacturers introduced their unique camera technology, such as Nokia PureView and Sony Exmor RS. Obviously, innovation in this area won’t be stopping and Toshiba has recently introduced its new smartphone camera solution. The company unveiled the upcoming availability of an 8Mp smartphone sensor with integrated NCR (color noise reduction) circuitry.

The 1.12 micrometers image sensor is also equipped with the backside illumination feature to increase its signal to noise ratio. This means, despite the smaller sensor, the camera is capable of delivering a quality level comparable to models with larger pixel counts. Tests showed that the camera is comparable in performance with those using 1.4 micrometer sensor.

The reduction in size may also contribute to thinner smartphone designs. The camera is also capable of recording videos at 30fps and mass production is scheduled at July 2013. Perhaps, first smartphone models using the camera technology will be available Q3 or Q4 2013.