Two New Services Allow iOS Users to Install Pirated Apps

Pirated iOS AppThings are getting harder for apps developers even in the more controlled iOS environment. A new kind of challenge is coming to iOS app developers as two new services are released recently. Kuaiyong and Zeusmos have launched two services that allow one tap installation of pirated iOS apps. These services can work on devices not yet jailbroken for a small fee, but they are free for jailbroken ones.

Zeusmos is believed to be a 15 years old teenager who says that the service is only intended to allow users try an app before they buy. His service also allows homebrew apps to be installed without requiring the Apple developer license. While creator’s arguments may seem justifiable, the service would enable one side effect: piracy.

iOS apps piracy is financially taking its toll on mobile apps developers both in Android and iOS environments. Hunted Cow, a mobile developer, shut down their servers after their game title Battle Dungeon was plagued by 90 percent piracy rate. The firm saw a huge spike in subscriptions after a pirated .ipa file of the game was spotted online.