UMeox X5 Could Be The Next Slimmest Smartphone

UMeox X5Years ago speaking about razor-thin smartphones would be considered as vague metaphor. But today, these devices are getting slimmer and slimmer every day. A little known phone maker from China, UMeox, may soon get some international acclaim for its ultra-thin device. Measuring at only 5.6mm thin, the phone could easily become the slimmest the world has ever seen.

Some phone makers have been scrambling to break the 6mm barrier and Huawei got quite close with the P6-U06, which is only 6.18mm thin. The UMeox Z5 may have only 4” display, but it will surely stands out when placed next to the 7.4mm thick Samsung Galaxy S4. The Z5 could be released as an OEM device, allowing numerous phone makers to purchase and re-brand it.

Umeox has released no details aside from the thickness and display size. We shouldn’t be too hopeful about getting a powerful hardware inside its chassis. The thin battery under the rear cover may not be able to deliver multiple battery life under normal usages.