Upcoming Hyundai Cars Will Use Smartphones as Keys

Smartphones KeysIf you keep on misplacing the car keys, future smartphones can help you unlock the door. Researchers at Hyundai have developed an innovative system that allows smartphones to work as car keys. The technology will be ready for commercial use within couple of years.

Instead of Bluetooth, the method is based on NFC (New Field Communication), which allows users to lock and unlock quickly by simply waving the smartphone over a smart tag. A holder inside the car can wireless charge the smartphone and sync it with the car’s infotainment system. The system can remember user preferences such as mirror adjustment and seating positions.

The concept has been demoed on Hyundai i30, which is quite popular in Germany. With the technology, Hyundai should be able to effectively harness the versatile mobile methods and integrate them into the automotive technology seamlessly. As a South Korean company, Hyundai should be able to work with local phone makers such as Samsung and LG to implement the technology.