Vivo’s Next Smartphone May Have a 20.2Mp 1/1.7-inch Camera With Nikon’s Technology

Vivo Smartphone We are seeing a rapid expansion of cameraphone niche as new models are arriving with cameras that can compete with dedicated compact cameras. Latest Nokia Lumia models are equipped with PureView technology and the Sony Xperia Z1 came with a 20.7Mp rear-facing camera.

On the other hand, Vivo is a relatively unknown brand in the global market and it has just gotten its name heard with the world’s slimmest smartphone, the X3. Along with Meizu, Xiaomi and Oppo, the China-based manufacturer is generating waves in its local market.

Vivo is readying one more surprise for us, an upcoming smartphone model with 20.2Mp CMOS sensor at 1/1.7-inch and f/2.0 aperture size. The camera is supported with the Nikon EXPEED dedicated image chip for improved performance. Vivo’s official stand is that it will release another high-end smartphone model before the year’s end, but it hasn’t confirmed that the device will arrive with the rumored camera.