WiFi Problem is Still Unfixed in iOS 6.0.1

WiFi Problem in iOS 6.0.1Some iOS devices updated to iOS 6.0.1 are still experiencing WiFi problems and it is not easy to understand why seven weeks after the problem was discovered, Apple still failed to fix this nagging issue. Users are reporting that the WiFi option is still grayed out and inaccessible. As before, the WiFi problem tend to strike users of iPhone 4S.

Apple suggests users to update, reboot and restore through iTunes and good luck with that as the method doesn’t always work. With the iOS 6.0, Apple seems to assume that the only reason users want to connect to a WiFi network is get an Internet access and a hotspot always require user authentication.

When an iOS 6.0 device is connected to the WiFi, the device starts the web browser automatically. The problem is more likely to appear when the WiFi network involves VPN (Virtual Private Network).