WiFi Tethering Will be Included for Windows Phone 7.8 Update for Samsung Omnia W

Samsung Omnia WLong back, Microsoft has promised an update for older Windows 7.x devices with the new Windows Phone 7.8 OS. The enhanced version is supposedly to deliver some features of Windows Phone 7.8. Older Windows Phone 7.x devices can’t be upgraded directly to Windows Phone 8 due to some technical limitations. A few months have passed and there’s no word when WP 7.8 OS will actually be rolled out. The Windows Phone 7.x community is growing impatient and new Windows Phone 7.8 smartphone are already shipping. This surely adds salt over the wound as the update is obviously ready. Perhaps, phone manufacturers are waiting for Microsoft’s approval for the release.

Samsung Omnia W has relatively decent hardware for a Windows Phone 7.x device and it will also get the update. Samsung will also add its own enhancements to make the phone more capable. The word is that along with typical WP 7.8 enhancements like Bing lockscreen wallpaper, new resizable live tiles and dozens of new color themes, there will also be WiFi tethering. Most Android devices already come with this feature out of the box and it will also be useful for any Windows Phone user. Users should note that the enhancement only comes from Samsung and Nokia users won’t be getting any tethering capability.