Willcom Introduces the Smallest and Lightest Phone

Willcom Lightest SmartPhoneAn innovative Japanese firm, Willcom, recently unveiled the availability of the lightest and smallest phone in the market. Called the Phone Strap 2, it is only as light as 32 grams and relatively tiny at 32 x 70 x 10.7 mm.

Also, Willcom manages to trim the phone’s weight down by one gram. There are also a number of software-based enhancements including better email management. The Phone Strap 2 has a one-inch display with comparably low resolution at only 96 x 96 pixels.

Given its small dimension and low weight, the Phone Strap 2 has no built in apps and rear facing camera. The minuscule battery can also only provide a couple hours of talk time. Overall, the Phone Strap 2 is an obvious alternative for users who find it increasingly difficult to handle large-sized phones in their busy daily life. The company said recently that the Phone Strap 2 is intended to work as an accessory to larger and more capable smartphones.