Windows Marketplace Adds 75,000 New WP Apps in 2012

Windows MarketplaceWindows Marketplace has delivered 75,000 new Windows Phone apps in 2012. While this seems like a small increase compared to how much other major apps stores get, Windows Marketplace has doubled in size over the past year. The marketplace has also launched new feedback supports and payment methods. Proponents of Windows Phone OS have suggested that there has never been a better opportunity to launch third party apps for WP smartphones.

Windows Phone has a firmer foundation in place and the WP 8 is receiving acclaim by consumers and industry experts. Despite the promising growth rate, a number of popular apps are still missing from Windows Phone Marketplace. Windows Phone ecosystem is still significantly trailing other mobile platforms in terms of 3rd-party apps available for users. Microsoft may be planning to release a major update for WP8 devices, which includes a slew of new enhancements as well as a number of bug fixes. Dubbed Apollo Plus, the new build should be announced officially at MWC 2013.