Windows Phone Blue Smartphones Will Have Virtual Navigation Buttons

Windows Phone BlueThe serial Twitter-based leaker, @evleaks, told us recently that the Windows Phone Blue features virtual navigation buttons at the bottom of the interface. These may include Search, Home and Back buttons. But it isn’t clear whether this new interface is a mandatory feature that requires all Windows Phone Blue devices to use virtual buttons. It could mean that Android fans may have a much easier time using future Windows Phone models.

Now that device manufacturers could use the GDR3 update, they have an open opportunity to develop Windows Phone devices with features typically found on high-end Android devices. It is even possible for manufacturers to release a model with Android and Windows Phone variant.

We heard numerous rumors on possible inclusions of virtual buttons on future Windows Phone models before. Actually, the very first WP-based device, the Nokia Lumia 800 (Sea Ray) came with virtual buttons, but subsequent design changes replaced these with physical buttons.

The Windows Phone Blue is expected to be the next major update for WP-based devices. Other than the virtual navigation buttons, the Blue may also arrive with improved built-in apps, notification center, enhanced multitasking performance and others.