World’s Smallest Mobile Antenna is Introduced

Worlds Smallest AntennaSofant Technologies has announced a revolutionary antenna design, which could transform the overall design of future tablets and smartphones. Despite the significantly smaller antenna size; short battery life, dropped calls and poor reception will be things of the past. Following years of development and research, Sofant is now aiming to license its innovative antenna design.

Antenna technology hasn’t kept pace with the rapid development of smartphone technology. High performance standards such as 4G (LTE) means more pressure on current antenna design. This could negatively impact user experience and overall performance. Consumers are expecting to do many things at once such as taking phone calls while downloading email attachments. Often, antenna has caused performance bottleneck in various mobile device models.

In many cases, newer smartphone generation has worse network performance, with symptoms like slow internet, battery drain, weak connection, dropped calls and lost signals. Sofant Technologies has demonstrated the new antenna design and it has attracted considerable interests.