ZTE will Release, Apache, an Octa-core, 1080p Smartphone

ZTE ApacheFor many of us, quad-core smartphones are already overkill and consumers would sing the same tune next year. A major Chinese phone maker, ZTE is planning to release its upcoming beast, the ZTE Apache. The phone would be powered by 8-core Cortex A15 processor.

MediaTek, a popular chip manufacturer, has been hard at work to release an octa-core chip, which will be based on Cortex A15. If both ZTE and MediaTek manage to release the Apache quickly enough, both would responsible for the next important milestone in the industry. ZTE Apache is expected to rock a number of top-tier specs such as 5” 1080p full-HD display, 13Mp with 1080p video recording, 4G LTE connectivity and a battery with massive capacity.

Earlier this year, Huawei also attempted to surprise the industry with its own quad-core offering, the Ascend D Quad XL. But unfortunately the phone failed to break into the mainstream market. It remains to be seen if ZTE will do differently.