Android-based MG Gaming Console is Ready for Preorder

Android MG Gaming ConsoleWith its open-source capability, Android is an amazing OS that allows manufacturers to make changes based on their unique requirements and business goals. After being used in microwaves, dryers, washers, espresso machine and other appliances, a new Android-based gaming console is about to be released.

Sony Ericsson had limited success with its Android-based solution, the Xperia Play and now, a new console called MG (More Game) is ready for preorders. The device looks more like a mid-range handset with its 4” WVGA display and the 1800mAh battery is capable of supporting nearly 4 hours of continuous gaming time. The software used is based on Android 4.0 and the processing power comes from a 1GHz single-core chip.

While it doesn’t offer the most powerful components in the mobile industry, MG is fully optimized for gaming sessions. It delivers a multitude of features to enhance gaming experience and parents can easily monitor kids’ gaming activities with a built-in parental control app.

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