BlackBerry Z10 May Be Better Than Apple iPhone 5

BlackBerry Z10

A video was recently released showing a side by side comparison between RIM’s BlackBerry Z10 and Apple iPhone 5. It gives us a glimpse on how potentially competitive the Z10 compared to popular devices in the market. The BlackBerry Z10 offers 4.2” display with 356ppi, compared to the iPhone with only 4” display at 326ppi.

Apple’s latest flagship has non replaceable 1440 mAh battery, while the Z10 will offer 1800mAh removable battery. While an 1800mAh power cell is considered only as mediocre in Android community, BlackBerry OS is known for its efficient energy management. Another thing that’s unavailable on the iPhone 5 is the microSD card slot.

BlackBerry Voice Control is RIM’s answer to Siri and it seems to support email dictation rather well. Handling of text message also seems to be better as users of Z10 will be able to take a quick peek at new text message and immediately resume their prior activities. Multitasking capability is also much more improved and it will take fewer steps for users to switch between open apps.

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