Former Apple Consultant: iPad and iPhone Have Confusing Naming Convention

Apple iPad - Apple iPhoneApple hired many consultants to ensure its success in the market and Ken Segall was one of them. He left Apple in 2008 and five years later, Segall seems to have an opinion on how the iPad and iPhone are named. He argues that Apple naming convention doesn’t make sense and sounds confusing.

The original iPad and iPad 2 have straightforward naming, but not with the third iPad model. It is simply called the iPad, not the iPad 3. Segall also thinks that the iPhone branding is rather confusing. The iPhone 4S may need to be called the iPhone 5 to indicate a steady progression.

iPhone models with “S” as part of their names may send us a weaker message and they are commonly thought to indicate off-year devices with slight improvements and nearly no visual changes compare to their direct processor. Segall advises Apple to avoid using the iPhone 5S name to avoid dampening consumer interest.