Mobiado Reveals a Luxurious Phone Concept

Mobiado PhoneMobiado introduces a luxurious phone concept with transparent design. Unfortunately, given the level of technology in the current mobile industry, it is quite unlikely that the phone will enter the market anytime soon. The company is known for unusual phone design and a couple years ago, it introduced a handset covered by a layer of solid marble.

Now, the Mobiado Grand Touch Executive is claimed as a phone made from hybrid stone material and the company claims that it’s ready for production. So far, there are only a few shots of the chassis of the phone, not the device in its fully assembled form. Price tag hasn’t been disclosed either, but you shouldn’t mind its astronomical pricing, if you’re into luxurious items. Overall, the phone will remind us the times when people jokingly referred to old mobile phones as bricks. Nevertheless, the golden screws, sapphire touchscreen display and other luxurious design elements would give you a few things to drool about.