New Features of BlackBerry 10 Are Revealed

BlackBerry 10Attendees of the BlackBerry Consumer Forums came away with some interesting information about the BlackBery 10. For starters, the keyboard will support simultaneous typing of three different languages. It learns how users type, so if you regularly press the edge of the “a” key, the keyboard layout will be adjusted accordingly to improve user experience.

The stock web browser of Blackberry 10 is also expected to be a good performer. In recent HTML5 benchmarks, the browser didn’t only surpass other mobile browsers but also desktop browsers. The camera offers the time-shift feature that corrects blinks and other facial features. There are obviously plenty of things that we can feel good about. There may not be a gazillion of apps in BlackBerry AppWorld, but there are still many useful titles that are also available on other platforms.

Many consider that RIM is now in a state of closing down its business operation, as other competitors have taken away a significant portion of the market share. Regardless of the significant challenges, RIM is pinning its hope to the BlackBerry 10 and it is confident that it will eventually regain the market share back.