Samsung and Google May Soon Release Galaxy S5 GPE (Google Play Edition)

The Samsung Galaxy S5 could soon arrive in Google Play Edition version, just like its direct predecessor, the Galaxy S4. While Google and Samsung haven’t provided any confirmation about this, the new GPE device has been caught in the wild quite recently. An image of the alleged of Galaxy S5 GPE appears in golden variety and we still can’t be sure whether it means that the phone will arrive in typical color options like, blue, white and black.

Specs-wise, the Galaxy S5 GPE should be very identical to the original Galaxy S5, except for the type of software it runs. Another major difference compared to original models sold in some countries, like the United States, is that the GPE model will be available unlocked. Users would get a true stock Android experience, devoid of any TouchWiz-based elements. There’s no on word when Google will add the Samsung Galaxy S5 Play Edition into its catalog, but it should happen quite soon.

The phone could arrive with the recently released Android 4.4.3 version, or even Android 4.5, depending on when it is released. Any stock Android smartphone is functional enough despite the absence of manufacturer-provided software. The basic Galaxy S5 design itself is also a very capable platform.