Two More Sony’s Smartphone Models Leaked By AnTuTu

Sony SmartphonesSources unveiled a few days ago seven new model numbers of Sony’s upcoming devices, to be released in 2014. These include Sony D5303, SGP521, D2105, D2005, D5503, D5322 and D6503. Four of these devices passed through the AnTuTu benchmarking tool. One of them, the D5303 achieved 30,145 points and it is rumored to be a 6-inch phablet powered by the MediaTek MT6592 true octa-core processor.

More recently, we got wind of a couple of different Sony models, the DS2303 and D2004. Both also appeared on AnTuTu database, with the D2004 scoring 12,633 points. Because the D2005 achieved 12,790 points, we could suspect that both are variants of the same device; probably with different connectivity options. For smartphones, differences in connectivity supports, may relate to HSPA+ and 4G LTE options. The Sony S2303 tallied 17,853 points, which indicate a more powerful smartphone, probably placed in the mid-range category.

Sony impressed us with Sony Xperia S in CES 2012 and later with the Xperia Z. The latter could survive even after being dunked into the water repeatedly during the demo. The ruggedized design allows the Xperia Z to stay submerged in 3 feet of water for half an hour; without suffering from catastrophic water damage.