ZTE Chorus Review

ZTE ChorusZTE Chorus is an entry-level smartphone, which is characterized by the Muve Music service, which allow users to download albums and songs. Although a bit thick at 15mm, the Chorus still feels adequately lightweight. It is really unfortunate that the 3.2” display still uses resistive technology and WQVGA resolution. This means, users need to press harder on the display, instead of only touching it.

The display looks pixilated due to the low pixels resolution and the 262k color depth doesn’t help things either. When removed, the back cover will reveal a tiny 1000mAh battery, with a 4GB microSD card hiding beneath it. The ZTE Chorus is powered by a 600MHz single-core processor, which is adequate for any basic function such as texting and setting calendars.

Other than the stock Android browser, the phone comes with Documents To Go for viewing Microsoft Office files. The 2Mp won’t produce anything satisfying and Android 2.3 runs inside the phone.