A New Battery Technology Allows Smartphone to be Fully Charged in Minutes

Smartphone Battery TechnologySouth Korea is the home of leading manufacturers in smartphone industry, Samsung and LG. Consequently, it isn’t too surprising to see many breakthroughs announced from the peninsular country. While some scientists see graphene as the next step in battery development, folks from South Korea unveiled a significantly improved Li-Ion battery unit that can be charged completely in minutes.

This innovation is achieved by inserting carbonized graphite conductors into battery’s electrodes. In essence, the lithium-ion battery is filled with many small anode-cathode groups. The improved battery can charge evenly throughout the structure, instead of charging slowly inward starting from the terminals.

Unfortunately, this technology is more effective on larger batteries and may offer less favorable impacts on smartphones. Nevertheless, if applied on mobile devices, there should still be significant reduction in charging time. Electric cars can be fully charged in less than 30 minutes, while smartphone battery can be topped off in just 10 minutes.