Google Finally Fixes a 2.5 Years Old Bug in Android

Google AndroidMore than two years ago, it was reported that some Android devices were unable to resolve hostnames on a local domain. Google kept quiet for quite a while and all of a sudden, a Google employee confirmed recently that the bug will be fixed in the upcoming Android version. The bug has been identified as Issue 8030 and it is never considered as a serious problem for most users. Nevertheless, those affected have expressed a great deal of frustration.

Apparently, the fix has been contributed to one Google Developer, Kevin Tang. Unsurprisingly, users jumped in with a bit of grumbles about the delay. Google responded that efforts to solve the fix were hampered by resources allocation and prioritization issues. The development team doesn’t have enough people to respond to each requested feature and reported bug. It is important to note that Google hasn’t really told us when the fix will arrive as the Android 4.2 is already among us.